Why Range Cookers

What’s so great about a range cooker?
The benefits of a range cooker and the reasons for choosing one over an integrated oven and separate hob are wide-ranging. You’ll find everything you need to know here, but first, what is a range cooker?

Range cookers combine a hob and usually more than one oven plus a separate grill, sometimes even a plate warmer and storage compartment, in a single, freestanding appliance. The ovens tend to be larger than a typical integrated cooker and at 90cm wide, the whole unit is also wider although at De’Longhi we do offer some at 60 and 70cm.

Make a statement

Size alone means that a range cooker can be the focal point of a kitchen and combined with good looks and a striking colour, will make a real design statement.

Fit for a farmhouse, or working kitchen

Old farmhouses are typically associated with range cookers which is why so many of today’s designs give a nod to an era gone by through vintage details and finishing touches. Alternatively, modern versions are available in a sleeker more functional style similar to appliances used in professional kitchens.

Big on size and performance

In addition to bigger ovens and grill cavities, the hobs (cooker tops) are also larger with five rings including a very powerful double ring for fast frying and with a wok burner so you can achieve great results from high, instant heat.

Multi-tasking made easy

You can do more with a range cooker and all at the same time if you choose to. Defrosting, baking, grilling, frying, food and plate warming for example, it all adds up to less time in the kitchen and more time with family or guests.

Space and budget saving

With so much included, an ‘all in one’ range cooker can be more cost effective and takes up less room. As well, because a range cooker slides in and out of a space, there’s no need to have a worktop cut for a hob plus there’s the option to take the cooker with you if you move house. When planning where it should go, you can leave space either side although most opt for a snug fit either into a recess or with worktops butted neatly to the side or sides.

Safely does it

Given the ovens, grill and cooker top are all in the same area, not having to carry hot items across the kitchen from oven to hob for example, lessens the risk of trips and spills. Programmable timers also mean you can be sure ovens have turned off giving you peace of mind when out of your home.

The power of choice

When it comes to how a range cooker is powered, there’s plenty of choice. Most of De’Longhi’s products are dual fuel meaning electric ovens and grill but with a gas hob. All electric with electric induction hob and all gas are also available so it really is all about personal preference.

Great extractions

Most range cookers have vents at the rear which makes it easier to get rid of odours and steam through an extractor hood. As well, all of De’Longhi’s cookers have backboards which stops food from falling down the back and in modern or vintage style, they look good too.