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Customer Support

General Information & Product Advice

Where are DeLonghi Cookers manufactured? +

De'Longhi cookers are hand built in Borso del Grappa in Italy, just 1 hour north west of Venice.

Do you keep stock in the UK? +

Yes, all our stock for the UK market is held in our distribution warehouses in Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.

Where can I view De'Longhi range cookers? +

De'Longhi range cookers can be found in the “Stockist” section of this web site which also includes our De'Longhi showroom, where all products can be viewed by appointment.

Who do I contact for sales advice and technical information? +

If you require further details, or additional advices please email us at

Who do I contact if I have a fault with my Cooker? +

In the unlikely event that your appliance has a problem our service team are on hand and can be contacted on 0843 362 2013 (Mon-Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm, excluding bank Holidays).

If your appliance is within the manufactures guarantee please have available your appliance model and serial number along with your online order confirmation.

Who do I speak to if I think there is a part missing on my new cooker? +

If your new product arrives and you find that a part is missing, please call us on 01908 067 550 or email to within seven days of delivery.

Can I use my appliance in a non-domestic environment? +

Our DeLonghi products are designed, tested and EN certified for domestic use only. The use of these products for commercial, semi commercial or communal use may invalidate your warranty and have an impact on your business or public liability insurance.

Warranty Registration & Product Details

Where do I register my warranty? +

Your warranty can be registered on this web site under the “Warranty” tab at the top of the home page or by clicking here

How long is the warranty on De'Longhi cooking appliances? +

De'Longhi Cookers have a 1 year manufactures warranty plus an optional second year warranty confirmed by registration within the first 30 days of purchase.

What is covered under my warranty? +

Your warranty covers any faulty material or workmanship for the duration of your warranty period and any parts will be replaced free of charge as long as the appliance has been installed and used in accordance with the guidelines shown in the user and installation handbook.

Do you offer an extended warranty on De'Longhi range cookers? +

Currently we do not offer extended warranties with our products.

Where is the model/serial number on my appliance? +

The model number can be found in several places.

  • On the front/back page of the user instruction book
  • On the back (as for example the triple cavity cooker) or top of the appliance.
  • on the front frame of the cooker (built in and 60cm freestanding products)
  • Inside the drop down storage compartment below the door(s) (90cm range cookers)
  • Underside of the hob (built in hobs)
How can I find out the age of my product? +

If you can provide your serial number located on the rating plate of your product then please email this to us at and we let you know the date your product was manufactured.

Electrical Supply and Problems

What electrical supply do I require for my cooker? +

230volts 50Hz. Cookers over 2.99Kw (2,990watts) need to be connected to a dedicated circuit back to your consumer unit. Products under this loading can be connected to the household ring main via a 13amp plug and socket; however it is recommended that a connection to a 13 amp switched fused spur unit provides a much more adequate connection.

 Exact electrical loading can be found in the user instructions for the applicable model or on your rating plate.

What size Cable do I require to connect my cooker? +

Most of our cooking products require either a 13, 16, 20 or 32 amp supply

The actual loading for your product can be found on the relevant model rating plate or user and Installation handbook.

 The cable between the cooker and the cooker outlet box will need to be one of the following sizes:

 13 to 16amp (2.90Kw to 3.68Kw) Cable Size    1.5mm²

16 to 20amp (3.68Kw to 4.68Kw) Cable Size    2.5mm²

20 to 25amp (4.68Kw to 5.75Kw) Cable Size   4.0mm²

25 to 32amp (5.75Kw to 7.36Kw) Cable Size   6.0mm²

 For appliances over 32 amps that use multiple elements, a diversity calculation may be applied to the cable and fuse. This calculation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

 The recommended cable type may differ for each product, please refer to the model specific user and installation manual.  Cables may be substituted for multi strand immersion heater/butyl cable of the same diameter.

Connection by “Flat Twin & Earth” PVC cable is not recommended due to a lower temperature rating and single core characteristics of the cable.

 The above cable sizes are only for the selection of cable between the cooker and cooker outlet box. Cable sizing between the cooker outlet box and consumer unit may include correction factors due to cable length, insulation and method of fixing, resulting in a larger cable being used.  The calculation of cable selection in these situations must be made by a qualified electrician with a knowledge of the electrical circuit within your property.

I have no power to my cooker, what has happened? +

It is most unusual for the cooker to lose all power. In the first instance you should check the fuse in the plug or the circuit breaker in your consumer unit and get an electrician to confirm that there is power to the appliance.

 If you are still experiencing problems please call our service team on 0843 362 2013.

Why is my main electric oven not coming on? +

Check that you have power going to the oven by seeing if the oven neon or main oven light illuminates. If fitted see if the timer is illuminated. If there is power to your timer check that the “auto” or “A” symbol does not appear in the timer as this will stop the oven working until the timer has been set to manual (for full details on how to re set your timer please see the user instructions). Service calls to set the timer are not covered by the warranty. 

Why can I hear my appliance still working even when I have finished cooking? +

Many of our cookers and ovens are fitted with a cooling fan that continues to run even when you have finished cooking. The fan is used to keep electrical/electronic controls and surface temperatures cool. The cooling fan will switch off automatically when it reaches the required ambient temperature and may stay on for periods in excess of 30 minutes.

Gas and Cooktops

Can my appliance be used on LPG? +

All our Gas and Dual fuel products are supplied with a injector Kit to convert over to LPG by a qualified “Gas Safe” registered engineer

What Gas Connection do I need to install my DeLonghi Cooker? +

Your gas/dual Fuel product comes with all the necessary fitting to connect to the gas supply.  We do not supply a bayonet hose/fittings as these may differ depending on the installation.  All gas product need to be installed by a qualified “Gas Safe” registered engineer. Full installation details can be found in the user and Installation manual supplied with the product or available to download from here

I can smell Gas, what should I do? +

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, or are worried that fumes containing carbon monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance, please call the free Gas Emergency Services emergency line immediately on 0800 111 999.


  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the property.
  • Do not turn on/off any electrical switches.
  • Extinguish all naked flames, do not smoke, strike matches or do anything which could cause ignition.
  • If there are any electrical security entry phones/locks, please open door manually.
Where is the oven burner situated on my gas cooker? +

All our gas ovens use a base burner that sits directly under the removable floor panel.  It is important not to introduce food into the oven until it has been preheated for at least 15 minutes. (Full details can be found within the user instructions).

Why does my Hob burner go out as soon as I release the control knob? +

All our gas and dual fuel products are fitted with a flame failure safety device that stops the gas supply if a flame is not detected. If the control knob is not held in for long enough (typically 5 to 10 seconds), the safety device will not be operated and the flame will cut out.

Ensure all burner parts including thermocouple and electrode are clean, dry and fitted correctly (see user instructions) and that that there is no food debris or grease around the small brass injector in the burner body.

 If you are still experiencing problems please call us on 0843 362 2013.

Cleaning Suggestions & Useful Tips

What cleaning products do you recommend for your products? +

For everyday cleaning we would recommend a mild neutral washing up liquid and warm water followed by a soft cloth; however we do recognise that sometimes things get a bit messy and a more deep clean is required.

We cannot recommend specific products, as globally there are too many on the market to test on our products. The following information may be of some use; however we take no responsibility for the use of any product selected.

Stainless Steel

For stainless steel components such as the hob, these can be cleaned with a proprietary stainless steel cleaner that does not contain a chlorine or acidic base or abrasive materials.  Stainless steel cleaners should not be used on the control panel facia as the chemicals or compound used may remove the screen printed markings.


Glass can be cleaned with a proprietary glass cleaning agent; however you should not use a scourer, scrapper or glass cleaning agent that contains a scouring agent as this may scratch the glass or remove the reflective coating, causing possible damage to the glass.

Oven Enamel Interior

The enamel interior should only be cleaned with a proprietary cleaner that has been recommended by the “Vitreous Enamel Association” and bears the following logos.

Care should be taken when using any cleaning product and they must only be used as recommended by the manufacturer of the product. A small unnoticeable area should be tested first.

 Pan Stands & Burner Caps

Cast Iron pan stands and enamel coated burner caps should not be put into the dishwasher as the chemicals used in the Dishwashing process may discolour or rust the components. Instead these should be cleaned with a cloth using a cream cleaner and warm water and dried immidiately to prevent rusting.

The use of a proprietary solid hob or stove cleaner may be used on  the pan stand to bring back the black colour if this has dulled over time.

 Aluminium Hob Burner Body

The aluminium burner bodies should not be put in the dishwasher as chemicals in the dishwasher powder may oxidise the aluminium and turn it black.

If normal hot soapy water will not remove food spillage then the burner body can be cleaned with a nylon scourer and then the shine put back on with a proprietary metal polish.

Professional Cleaning

From time to time you may want to give your cooker a really deep clean and not want to go through the chore yourself.

For a list of local professional oven cleaning companies please visit the “Association of Approved Oven Cleaners” at

Why can I feel hot air coming from the front/rear of the appliance? +

Many of our cooking products are provided with a cooling fan that blows air out of the front or at the rear of the hob. This is quite normal and may even continue after you have finished cooking to keep the electrical components and surface temperatures cool.

Can I put items from my cooker into the Dishwasher? +

In general the majority of shelves and pans are too large to fit into a conventional dishwasher. Cast iron pan stands, burner caps and aluminium burner bodied should not be placed into a dishwasher as the chemicals in the detergent and action of the dishwasher may discolour or rust them.

What pans do you recommend for use on my hob? +

Pans used should be the best quality you can afford and have a flat solid base. You should choose your pans that are designed and labelled as below for the fuel type you are using. Many pans are multifunctional and cover a range of heat sources. Pans used should be of a suitable size for the burner being used, full details can be found in the user Instruction manual.

Can I use silver foil on my Gas hob or in the oven to keep it clean? +

No. Silver foil should never be placed on the hob as this may interfere with the correct combustion of the burner or operation of the flame safety device. It should also not be used on the base or sides of the oven as this may affect correct airflow or cause damage to the enamel coating.