Most of our cooking products require either a 13, 16, 20 or 32 amp supply

The actual loading for your product can be found on the relevant model rating plate or user and Installation handbook.

The cable between the cooker and the cooker outlet box will need to be one of the following sizes:

13 to 16amp (2.90Kw to 3.68Kw) Cable Size 1.5mm²

16 to 20amp (3.68Kw to 4.68Kw) Cable Size 2.5mm²

20 to 25amp (4.68Kw to 5.75Kw) Cable Size 4.0mm²

25 to 32amp (5.75Kw to 7.36Kw) Cable Size 6.0mm²

For appliances over 32 amps that use multiple elements, a diversity calculation may be applied to the cable and fuse. This calculation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

The recommended cable type may differ for each product, please refer to the model-specific user and installation manual. Cables may be substituted for multi-strand immersion heater/butyl cable of the same diameter.

Connection by “Flat Twin & Earth” PVC cable is not recommended due to a lower temperature rating and single core characteristics of the cable.

The above cable sizes are only for the selection of cable between the cooker and cooker outlet box. Cable sizing between the cooker outlet box and consumer unit may include correction factors due to cable length, insulation and method of fixing, resulting in a larger cable being used. The calculation of cable selection in these situations must be made by a qualified electrician with knowledge of the electrical circuit within your property.