For everyday cleaning we would recommend a mild neutral washing up liquid and warm water followed by a soft cloth; however we do recognise that sometimes things get a bit messy and a more deep clean is required.

We cannot recommend specific products, as globally there are too many on the market to test on our products. The following information may be of some use; however, we take no responsibility for the use of any product selected.

Stainless Steel

For stainless steel components such as the hob, these can be cleaned with a proprietary stainless steel cleaner that does not contain a chlorine or acidic base or abrasive materials. Stainless steel cleaners should not be used on the control panel facia as the chemicals or compound used may remove the screen printed markings.


Glass can be cleaned with a proprietary glass cleaning agent; however, you should not use a scourer, scrapper or glass cleaning agent that contains a scouring agent as this may scratch the glass or remove the reflective coating, causing possible damage to the glass.

Oven Enamel Interior

The enamel interior should only be cleaned with a proprietary cleaner that has been recommended by the “Vitreous Enamel Association” and bears the following logos.

Care should be taken when using any cleaning product and they must only be used as recommended by the manufacturer of the product. A small unnoticeable area should be tested first.

Pan Stands & Burner Caps

Cast Iron pan stands and enamel-coated burner caps should not be put into the dishwasher as the chemicals used in the Dishwashing process may discolour or rust the components. Instead these should be cleaned with a cloth using a cream cleaner and warm water and dried immediately to prevent rusting.

The use of a proprietary solid hob or stove cleaner may be used on the pan stand to bring back the black colour if this has dulled over time.

Aluminium Hob Burner Body

The aluminium burner bodies should not be put in the dishwasher as chemicals in the dishwasher powder may oxidise the aluminium and turn it black.

If normal hot soapy water will not remove food spillage then the burner body can be cleaned with a nylon scourer and then the shine put back on with a proprietary metal polish.

Professional Cleaning

From time to time you may want to give your cooker a really deep clean and not want to go through the chore yourself.

For a list of local professional oven cleaning companies please visit the “Association of Approved Oven Cleaners” at .