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Why do I have to pay via PayPal?? +

PayPal is one of the largest and most secure free online banking services for our customers and can process payments immediately, with instant email confirmation. We never see your credit card details and monies paid through PayPal is covered through their “Seller Protection Policy”

If your Credit or debit card is attached to a PayPal account then payment will be made through this account.

If you do not have a PayPal account then your payment can be made as normal with all major credit/debit cards as you would do with any online transaction.

I am having difficulty making payment online, who do I contact? +

Please check that your credit/debit card is not attached to a PayPal account and you are trying to use the credit/debit payment facility. If your card is attached to a PayPal account you will have to make payment through your PayPal account.

If your credit/debit card is not attached to a PayPal account then you can make the payment using the credit/debit card section as you would normally do for any online transaction.

 If you still have a problem please contact us at cookersupport@delonghi-cookers.co.uk

Why did I receive my Invoice from an Italian company? +

Our company is quite unique in that we manufacture in Italy and sell direct to our customers without the need to go through a costly distribution network, allowing us to provide quality products at great prices. Because of this business model our financial team are based in the factory and all invoices are sent from Italy, including UK VAT under registration number 272288387

Is your company registered for UK VAT? +

Yes our company is registered for UK VAT.

Our registration number is 272288387