Classic Curves | Real Kitchens

About the owners: A busy young family with a keen little baker!

Project: A new kitchen in a 1930s house in Nottinghamshire, knocking through walls to create a large kitchen diner

Kitchen Budget: £30k

Style: Classical shaker, light and calming, curvaceous, open and free-flowing

Colour scheme: Almond, pale grey, black with stainless steel and purple finishing touches

De'Longhi range cooker: Vintage style, professional, 2 cavity, gloss black, dual fuel, 90cm wide

The challenge:

Finding a glossy black cooker with stainless steel details that was easy-on-the-eye and not too industrial-looking was a priority at the planning stage.

This family space needed to be both stylish and practical and so we called in the design experts, Colourhill, to help us get it right.

Central to their classical shaker yet softly rounded scheme was a large mantel with floating hand-made corbels. The De’Longhi range cooker we chose was the perfect match, making the whole design fuse beautifully by complementing the styling rather than detracting from it.

We are keen cooks and bakers and so two ovens were also important, and we found when carrying out our research that very few makes offer dual cavities. We love having the option of using both at the same time even if just when plate warming and of course using the smaller one is particularly economical.

Then there’s the handy hidden storage at the bottom for oven trays and the option of turning the light on inside so we may watch our creations rise.

What we love most:

The lovely vintage splashback, handrail and hints of stainless steel on the control knobs which blend perfectly with the other steel elements.

1950's Vintage style single cavity cookers are available in white and stainless steel. Visit to find out more or call: 01908 067550